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Eggplant in the Spotlight

Eggplants need plenty of sun to grow well. With a growing interest in healthier diets and reducing meat consumption, the lowly eggplant is becoming quite a star. This is great news for gardeners, because it’s stimulating lots of new breeding … Continue reading

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Results: Tomato Support Poll

After reading all the comments, it’s clear that many gardeners are looking for a tall support. At 53 inches, the Tomato Tower is our tallest. Our poll has ended and the results are in! Over 3,000 votes were cast, and … Continue reading

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Show Us Your Tomato Supports

Sent by Frank H. of Newton, Mass.: “The cherry tomato I grew in my Self-Watering Planter got so big so fast that I had to cobble together this frame support really fast. You can hardly see the framework, which is … Continue reading

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Demystifying pond water

Floating waterlily leaves cover the water surface to provide shade for fish and reduce algae growth. Lively, sparkling fountain or calm, glassy pool, water completes a garden and brings life to patios and decks. Water gardening has grown in popularity … Continue reading

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Sorrel: An Ancient Pot Herbwith a Lemony Zing

Common garden sorrel (Rumex acetosa) Common garden sorrel (Rumex acetosa) is an attractive, long-lived perennial herb that’s unfussy about soil conditions, untroubled by pests or disease and doesn’t spread. It’s always the first edible plant to appear in my garden … Continue reading

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Glads are Good

Green Star gladiolus The first time I saw a gladiolus was back in the ’60s at the Minnesota State Fair. At that time, every farm family worth its salt grew them. The fair is at the very end of August … Continue reading

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All-Summer Strawberries

Strawberry flowers bloom in spring; the fruit begins ripening in early summer. As far back as I can remember, strawberries have been part of my family’s traditions. My grandparents grew a large patch of strawberries to help supplement their income. … Continue reading

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