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What’s Your Fertilizer of Choice?

Over the years, I have become a firm believer in the importance of fertilizing plants. One of my favorite pots this season (see plant list below) with two of the three fertilizers that I’m applying and one of my trusty … Continue reading

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Taming Wisteria

Learn when and how to prune for abundant blooms and watch a how-to video. This spring was the best I can remember for this wisteria, which has been in the ground for about five years. The cultivar, Wisteria floribunda ‘Lawrence’, … Continue reading

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Flower Supports to the Rescue

It’s never too late to prop up a flopped perennial. Just move in with a little support. This aster (Aster oblongifolius ‘October Skies’) is a strong grower, but it tends to flop toward the end of the season. The grids … Continue reading

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Coddling Your Tomatoes for an Earlier Harvest

If you grow tomatoes in a cold or windy location, try this simple technique of wrapping your tomato cages with garden fabric. Inside this cocoon of Garden Quilt fabric, are two very cozy ‘Sun Gold’ tomatoes. Tomatoes are tropical vines … Continue reading

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Stealth Gardeners

Under the cover of night, gardeners in L.A. and London are taking to the streets, turning traffic medians and empty lots into lush gardens. This is me (a couple years ago) making a surprise delivery of plants to a local … Continue reading

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Netting Helps Clematis Climb

Clematis use the stems of their leaves to climb. In order to get a good grip, they need something quite thin to grab onto. This lattice forms the backdrop for the double border in our Vermont display gardens. There are … Continue reading

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Dogs in the Garden

A letter to the editor warns dog owners to cover their compost piles so their pets can’t eat what’s inside. These are the four paws that “protect” my garden. I’m in the office today, but I’ll bet my dog is … Continue reading

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