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Giving the Gift of Spring

Pot your own bulbs for indoor blooms — it’s easy! Tuck hyacinth bulbs into a pot of soil before chilling in the refrigerator for 13 to 15 weeks. Flower bulbs are one of my parents’ favorite holiday gifts and something … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Blueberries!

Volunteers turn abandoned land into neighborhood treasure. Two of the Park’s most committed volunteers, Mel and Delona, took a quick break to show me a new section they’ve begun clearing. Charlotte told me later, that these two, and another volunteer … Continue reading

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Kale Too Good to Eat

Leafy vegetable takes center stage as fall draws to a close. This kale does get top-heavy and I’ve staked mine with bamboo canes. Due to my haphazard staking job, the plants have fallen flat to the ground a couple times. … Continue reading

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Update on Bats

Make these mosquito-eating fliers welcome in your garden. Bats taking flight from the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas, home to the largest bat colony in the U.S. Silverwing, one of the books my kids and I read when they … Continue reading

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What to Eat in Mid-November

Even though cold weather has arrived, the garden remains productive. Arugula It’s mid-November here in zone 4, and there’s still plenty to eat in my vegetable garden. Most prolific and versatile is the arugula. I have been eating it almost … Continue reading

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Leaf Shredding is Fun

Turn fallen leaves into a crumbly topping for your garden. The Deluxe Electric Leaf Shredder. Adding leaves in small amounts ensures good results. Even though I’m all grown up, I still get a boyish thrill from destroying things. The Deluxe … Continue reading

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Last-Minute Fall Chores

Bamboo teepee saves foundation plantings. Step 1: Set up bamboo teepee. In the winter, my foundation plants, both evergreen and deciduous, take a beating from the snow that comes off the roof of our house. Each spring they seem to … Continue reading

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