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Big Tree, Big Hole

A 35-foot linden provides instant impact, even when planted in December. Special delivery: A linden tree, weighing 15,000 pounds, 35 feet tall. It’s hard to sell trees in the fall. Just ask a landscaper or anyone who works at a … Continue reading

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Aromatherapy for Gardeners

Let the scents of summer take you back to the garden. The rose harvest in a warehouse in Turkey. This time of year is always difficult for gardeners. The days grow short, the garden is covered with snow and winter … Continue reading

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Live Christmas Trees

Having a live tree requires extra effort, but the result can be rewarding. A live tree makes a lovely indoor display, but it requires a little extra effort. So, you want to have a live tree in your house for … Continue reading

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Tiny Terrariums

Desktop gardens make delightful gifts for office-mates. Desktop gardens make delightful gifts for office-mates. Combining my passion for plants with a desire to craft some of my holiday gifts inspired me to make a set of “horticultural cocktails” for my … Continue reading

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Better Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are better for the planet — and less expensive in the long run. Americans throw away 3 billion batteries a year. My parents and grandparents lived by the adage, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, … Continue reading

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Product Reviews Tell All

Customers share opinions in online reviews—more than 18,000 online now! Reviews are featured with each offer, right below the picture of the product. I agree that the best gardening advice comes “across the fence” from neighbors and fellow gardeners. If … Continue reading

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Suet is for the Birds

Some birds, especially those that mainly eat insects, simply aren’t interested in seeds. Mockingbirds prefer suet to seeds. To entice the widest variety of birds to your feeding station, you’ve got to offer more than seeds. Some birds, especially those … Continue reading

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