Product Reviews Tell All

Customers share opinions in online reviews—more than 18,000 online now!
Product reviews

Reviews are featured with each offer, right below the picture of the product.

I agree that the best gardening advice comes “across the fence” from neighbors and fellow gardeners. If you want to grow potatoes in your back yard, who knows better than the guy next door who harvests them by the bushel every year?

The same can be said for gardening stuff, whether it’s plants, tools or other products. I’ve always valued the opinion of other Gardener’s Supply staffers when it comes time to purchasing one of our products. This fall, I bought a Deluxe Electric Leaf Shredder based on rave reviews from Leslie, one of my co-workers. She gave me the lowdown, and I knew it would do what I wanted.

In the same spirit of “across the fence” advice, we launched online reviews last summer, and it’s been a big success. After an e-mail call for entries, we received more than 13,000 reviews within a few days. My shredder earned an avarage rating of 4.5 stars. So, when you look at a product in our online store, you can see what’s being said by the folks who bought it—both good and bad. Mostly good, though: Our average rating is four stars (out of five)!

Product reviews

Reviews appear right on the product page.

So, if you’re about to buy, check out the new reviews. A Gardener’s Supply employee-owner reads each review before it appears on our website, and our merchandising team studies the reviews to inform product enhancements or identify new items we should be carrying. Our customer service team reaches out to customers who noted product dissatisfaction in their review, but did not report the problem otherwise.

If you’ve bought something recently, share your thoughts in a review. We’d love to know what you think—and so would your fellow gardeners.

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2 Responses to Product Reviews Tell All

  1. susan harris says:

    What I find most interesting is: where did you get those 13,000 email addresses? Are they all customers?Very cool. I hesitate to buy ANYTHING anymore without reading product reviews. DavesGarden started the ball rolling but others are definitely needed. I’ll check ’em out.

  2. Yes. The original reviews came from online customers who were invited to contribute.

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