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Optimism on the Loose

Convention is a source of inspiration to green industry professionals. The jam-packed exhibition hall at the New England Grows event in Boston. February is a slow month for garden and landscape businesses in New England. That makes it a perfect … Continue reading

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Growing Potatoes by the Bag

Even first-time gardeners can succeed with a Potato Bag. Our Potato Bins shown late in the summer, growing in our Burlington, VT, display garden. Last year, we used the bag to grow some purple potatoes. A good blend of varieties … Continue reading

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Nothing Like a Blue Flower

Photo Contest winners offer inspiration to winter-weary gardeners. Himalayan blue poppy by Ann S. of Southworth, WA: “I took it with a Nikon D50, a digital SLR. The shady location, and the often gloomy weather we have here, seems to … Continue reading

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Cannas in the Garden

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you may be aware of my fondness for canna lilies. This winter I am overwintering eight bags filled with roots. There’s nothing boring about canna lilies! If you read this blog … Continue reading

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The Butcher of the Bushes

When it comes to hedges, shearing isn’t always the best technique. Before: Annual shearing had left this hedge with leafy, twiggy “crust” and a leafless interior. Last summer, I started working for a woman who needed a little landscaping help. … Continue reading

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Terrariums with History

Miniature greenhouses make indoor gardening stylish and easy. A slim, unobtrusive T-5 fluorescent light fixture in the peak of the roof provides enough light for nearly any plant in the Wardian Case ($249). Wardian cases revolutionized tropical plant collection and … Continue reading

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Getting Orchids to Rebloom

Pay attention to light, water and fertilizer and your phalaenopsis will rebloom. When they’re not blooming, you can often find orchids at low prices. When it comes to orchids, phalaenopsis (moth orchids) are among the most easy to grow. Blooms … Continue reading

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Sticky Houseplants

When aphids strike your houseplants, it’s fairly easy to gain control. Aphids suck the juice out of tender leaves, flowers, buds and stems, leaving sticky residue and discarded exoskeletons. Stickiness. Uh-oh. Tropical houseplants jostle for space under the grow lights … Continue reading

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