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Analyzing the Annuals

How do you know which annuals will do well in your garden? Annuals are so tempting in the garden center, all lined up in neat rows. To help make good choices, check out the research that’s been done in your … Continue reading

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Fruits for First-time Gardeners

At our store, and I suspect across the nation, the demand for fruit plants is up sharply. Everbearing strawberries produce succulent berries all summer. The grow-your-own movement is stronger than it’s been in about 60 years, judging by the way … Continue reading

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Daffodils for Every Garden

It’s April and I’ve got daffodils on my mind, as I have every spring. W.F. Leenen breeds new varieties of daffodils in his greenhouse in Holland. For more about how new flowers are created, read about Dutch flower breeders. Daffodils … Continue reading

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A Recycled Compost Bin

In honor of Earth Day, I’m turning an old compost bin into a new potato bin. The three-bay bin at the north end of my vegetable garden, with the new bin behind it off to the right. Here is the … Continue reading

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At the Garden’s Edge

If you’re trying to improve the look of your garden, start at the edge. Not a bloom in sight, but the edges are looking nice. The back yard looks pretty grim at this time of year. The lawn looks terrible. … Continue reading

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Creating More Cannas

Making more plants always makes me happy. With cannas, it’s easy. This is a nice clump with most of the dirt shaken off. The dried stalks from last year make nice “handles” for working with the clump. Before planting the … Continue reading

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Choosing Trees and Shrubs

Make choices with the long term in mind. Flowering crabapple trees bloom in late spring, then offer ornamental fruit from summer to winter. Discover new trees and shrubs by visiting an arboretum, college campus, or display garden. Shown here: Trompenburg … Continue reading

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