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Go Long!

When it comes to windowboxes, the more-is-better philosophy rings true. More is indeed better! One of Nate’s extra-long windowboxes, which are 9’8″ long, divided by three inserts of galvanized sheet metal. Nate and Stacy chose a harmonious blend of colors. … Continue reading

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Worst Pest Scenario

I’m often asked, “What’s the worst pest in your garden?” No doubt, it’s the black flies. After cultivating this plot of land for 20-plus years and coping with potato, asparagus and Japanese beetles, deer, voles, chipmunks, slugs, snails, and every … Continue reading

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Volunteer Appreciation

When unexpected seedlings appear in the garden, it’s a sign that nature is trying to work in concert with the gardener. Volunteer seedlings add unexpected delight. Here a clump of foxgloves thrives while a morning glory vine begins its ascent. … Continue reading

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Hosta Habit

With hundreds of varieties and an elegant range of hues, hostas are a plant collector’s dream. They demand little care and solve the “what grows in the shade” problem, too. Mass plantings of hosta create a flowing pattern of color … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain Go Away

Slug control products are flying off the shelves as gardeners desperately seek ways to protect their hostas, strawberries and lettuce from these slimy and voracious pests. Snails and slugs leave slimy trails and holes in foliage, flower buds, and fruit … Continue reading

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New Delphiniums, Year 2

What’s it like to have more than 50 delphiniums in bloom in your garden? Sweet. Follow the story of a new kind of delphinium, from seed to bloom in 15 months. Slide Show: New Millennium delphiniums, from seed to bloom. … Continue reading

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Where the Sidewalk Ends

I love looking at people’s front gardens. Unlike the back garden, the front yard is the “public” garden, and it says a lot about the gardener. Tres, one of my coworkers, has created a remarkable city garden. Tres and the … Continue reading

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