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Harvesting Garlic

Garlic may be my very favorite crop. Nothing else in the garden provides so much pleasure for so many months for so little effort. Here’s the prize: cured, trimmed and ready to be stored for the winter. Garlic may be … Continue reading

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Time to Harvest Potatoes!

For me, digging potatoes is a top-10 gardening activity. It’s like a treasure hunt. Our booty this year: 83 lbs. of organic potatoes. Our 83 lb. harvest of organic potatoes. Earlier in the season I wrote about planting potatoes in … Continue reading

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The Best Intentions

Think you’ve had a hard year in the garden? You’re not alone. Vegetable gardeners are calling this season the worst in recent memory. A squash plant in our display garden, during better times.   A squash vine borer, one of … Continue reading

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Dazzling Dahlias

Dahlias flourish in full sun and their vibrant colors are hard to beat, especially when planted large groups. Started from potato-like tubers in the spring, they start blooming by midsummer and reach their peak in the dog days of August, … Continue reading

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Freezing Sweet Corn

I used to grow enough corn that we could eat it for dinner every night during August and still have enough to freeze for winter. Once you’ve been eating home-frozen corn for a few years, it’s difficult to be satisfied … Continue reading

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The Heart Wants

Why is it that we gardeners can’t be happy with the plants that thrive in our own zone? Don’t we have enough challenges, what with diseases, pests and foul weather? In my zone 4 garden, I have a stewartia, a … Continue reading

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Autumn’s Secret Garden

Savvy gardeners enjoy some of the sweetest harvests of the year when the rest of us are already raiding our freezers or resorting to supermarket vegetables. Plant peas in late July to early August for a delectable fall harvest. Plant … Continue reading

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Frog Island

Floating planter doubles as a gathering place for backyard frogs. Frogs have made a home on the Islandscapes planter. I went out to Frog Island this morning. It was hot. My husband had mowed a path to it, bless him, … Continue reading

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Tomato Tart Recipe

Like me, you’re probably hoping to eat a lot of tomatoes this month. Like me, you’re probably planning to eat a lot of tomatoes in the next 60 days. Tomato sandwiches and tomato salads are my go-to favorites, but I’m … Continue reading

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