Frog Island

Floating planter doubles as a gathering place for backyard frogs.

Islandscapes flaoting planter

Frogs have made a home on the Islandscapes planter.

I went out to Frog Island this morning. It was hot. My husband had mowed a path to it, bless him, so I wouldn’t have to worry about startling snakes or them startling me in the tall grass.

Frog Island is not very big. Just 21 inches by 30 inches. It’s one of the archipelago of Islandscapes that Gardener’s Supply offers as accessories for ponds or water features. It’s made out of recycled polyester and has depressions on top so you can cover your island with soil and plants. The plant roots wriggle their way down through the island until they reach the water in the pond. This lets them suck up whatever water they need so you never have to water. Islandscapes float so you can let yours roam free or tether it to a tree or stake for easier access.

I planted mine with pink cleome and red zinnias because it’s located far from the house and needs to have tall, colorful plants to catch my eye.

The unexpected delight is that a family of frogs has moved in, or I should say onto, the island. At any given time, there are at least five and as many as nine green frogs lounging about. The dark surface of the island makes it easy to see them. In the picture, you can see they’re looking out to all sides, arms and legs akimbo. If you sneak up quietly they stay put, but slap at a mosquito and they’ll give out a squeak before leaping into the drink like popcorn popping.

I hadn’t been out to the island for a few weeks. When my son and his girlfriend visited from dry California, they discovered it and named it Frog Island.

Islandscapes don’t look like much to start, but they sure deliver handsome results!

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