Sow Something New

After poring over about a dozen 2010 seed catalogs, I’ve come up with my list of new vegetables to try this year.

Guardsmark beets and Black Cherry tomatoes are two of the varieties I will try this year.

Seeds to Try
in 2010

After poring over about a dozen 2010 seed catalogs, I’ve come up with my list of new vegetables to try this year. Some of these varieties have already made their debut in seed catalogs in prior years, but they’re all new to my garden.

  • Guardsmark beets
  • Black Cherry tomato
  • Calypso cilantro
  • Dancine lettuce
  • Finale fennel
  • Super Delight squash

At my house, gardening is more art than science. In the vegetable garden, I strive for bumper crops, high soil fertility and timely succession planting. But my vegetable garden is also a canvas for experimenting with color, texture, form and flavor.

At this time last year, I listed nine new vegetables I’d be trying in my 2009 garden. More than half of them will be back for 2010, including Goldie husk cherries, Fresh Pick green beans, Astro II arugula, and the bitter green spigariello liscia, which I wrote about in a blog post last fall.

Tops on my list this year is a new type of beet: Guardsmark. Beets have preferred status in my garden. I grow both red ones and golden ones, but have yet to try those red-and-white-striped Chioggia beets. Guardsmark is supposed to be an improved strain that keeps its bull’s-eye stripes even after cooking. For more information and seed sources, see my detailed list of new vegetables for 2010.

What’s on your list of “things to try” in 2010? Please share by leaving a comment, below.

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2 Responses to Sow Something New

  1. Di says:

    We grew the black cherry last year, but found the skin to be a bit tough… perhaps our fault, but it was a great tasting tomato. The Black Krim is one we grew for the first time last year and love it for a repeat performance. Beets: what's not to love? 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    I discovered Romanesco Broccoli at farmer's market in New Jersey last year. It is my new favorite veggie. I am not sure it will grow in my zone (4) well, since it takes 75-100 days to mature after transplant, but have seeds in hand and will give it a try.

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