The Cows Come Home

Meet Moonique and learn how a herd of colorful cows contributes to communities throughout Vermont’s Lake Champlain region.

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Moonique, the Gardener’s Supply cow, painted by artist Jackie Mangione.

Gardener’s Supply is taking part in the Cows Come Home Project, organized by the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce in the Burlington, VT, area. Participating businesses can paint a fiberglass cow to be displayed all summer in downtown Burlington. Our cow, named Moonique, will be auctioned off for charity, with part of the proceeds going to the Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger.

Artist Jackie Mangione, who is also works in our customer contact center, says her design is based on the work of Rococo painter Jean Honoré Fragonard. “His landscapes and gardens were lush with maturity and he often had great figurative scenes staged within gardens,” Mangione says. “He was a ‘rogue’ painter, breaking all the rules of the day and going his own way. I’m certain he would approve of me using some of his work on a cow in Burlington.”

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3 Responses to The Cows Come Home

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome looking cow!

  2. Janet says:

    What fun; they had cows in London a few years, horses in Rochester NY and pigs in Seattle. It is great fun looking at the creativity and artistry that goes into these “animals”.

  3. I've always wondered what happens to the cows after the “show.” I remember seeing them around NYC when I was young.

    **Check out Adina Sara's gardening column in the MacArthur Metro! Visit for links to the column and her book, The Imperfect Garden**

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