Choosing the Right Greens

Want to grow lettuce from early spring on into the fall? It’s all a matter of choosing the right varieties. For a long season of salad greens, plan on buying at least eight or 10 different kinds of seeds.

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An early spring crop of lettuce. For a succession of greens from spring to fall, read How to Grow Salad Greens All Year Long.

More Information

With so many interesting kinds of lettuces to choose from, it’s easy to get caught up in appearances. But if your goal is to grow lettuce from spring into fall, you need to be more selective. Check out our reccommendations, below, but look to your gardening neighbors as well.

For a long season of salad greens, plan on buying at least eight or 10 different kinds of seeds. Start the year with varieties that thrive in cool soil and relatively low-light conditions. These include the lettuces Arctic King, Winter Marvel, Winter Density and Black-Seeded Simpson; the arugula Astro and many beautiful cutting mixes blended for spring growing conditions.

As warm weather comes on, reach for heat-tolerant lettuce varieties, such as Red Butterworth, Torenia, Larissa, Craquerelle Du Midi and Rosalita; try the spinach Emu or Tyee and look for cutting mixes blended specifically for warm weather.

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