Garden Goals

It’s the time of year when folks are making all kinds of resolutions. Like most gardeners, I’ve made my share for the new season. I spend the winter creating the lists, prioritizing and dreaming. Come fall, when the season ends, some resolutions remain unfulfilled. But, you know, I’m OK with that.

What’s ahead for this year’s garden?

It’s the time of year when folks are making all kinds of resolutions. Like most gardeners, I’ve made my share of pledges for the new season. I spend the winter creating the lists, prioritizing and dreaming.

Come fall, when the season ends, some resolutions remain unfulfilled. But, you know, I’m OK with that. I’ve learned that for me, gardening is more about the doing than it is about the results. I love the planting, the weeding, the staking. Oh sure, I sometimes stand back and admire the results, but mostly I want to dig the next hole.

This year, I have a simple resolution:

I will spend more time in the garden.

That’s it. Maybe it’s weeding and planting. Maybe it’s morning coffee or reading a book. Just walk out the back door.

What are your resolutions for the garden? Share them in the comments. You are sure to inspire your fellow gardeners.

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21 Responses to Garden Goals

  1. Anonymous says:

    well last year we put in our first raised bed for veggies. so now this year i will put more thought into what and how to grow things there. our tomatoes did wonderfully well. but i will probably not do quite as many. lettuce was good. however, i think i need to put something in it's place during the heat. i don't think i'll do kohlrabi, or kale this year. i did like the cabbage, but it does take sooo long.

    beans…more of them. brussel sprouts, yes but i have to find something to keep the cabbage butterflies away.

    try mixing some veggies in with my flowers…for instance on the new berm where we took the driveway out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to spring–will be trying a few new ideas, hopefully for better results. My builders soil is still deficient in structure and nutrients even after twenty years (yes, have added compost, manures, earthworms et al, with little sign of improvement).My raised beds do seem to preform ok, but my best results are in my self- watering containers that grow marvelous red salvia–which the hummers just love. So this year I'll be adding 12 to 15 tub containers to my garden vista. (well hidden behind my six foot tall fence which obscures the view from the street and the village enforcer)

  3. Betty Dworschak says:

    I love the simplicity of your garden goal, just spending more time in your garden. When we choose to devote time to something, we commit our most valuable (and irreplacable!) resource to it. There are some who might suggest you need to be more specific about your goal, but I think what you've done is plant a very special seed; please let us know what happens as that seed germinates, takes root, and (hopefully) flowers!

  4. Rosie Tomato says:

    I will be diversifying my flora and learning to compost! I spent a huge amount of time in the garden last year preparing for our local garden tour. This year, I want to work smarter instead of longer by eliminating some drudge work and focusing on the fun stuff.

  5. I want to plant something pretty, just for prettiness sake. Last spring and summer was all about edibles, and I pretty much ignored any flowers or other types of plants. So this year I want some pretty flowers that I can watch grow, and attract butterflies and bees.

  6. Sam says:

    I am hoping to successfully keep our new puppy out of the garden.

    I'm pretty sure he's eaten most of the daffodils & then he was nibbling the dried leaves of the dormant perrenials. I bought all of the tall 3 or 4ft fencing I could find in November just to keep him out but the garden still isn't completely fenced in…
    I guess any perrenials that don't come back are God's way of saying I should plant somehting else there πŸ™‚

  7. I love to intersperse ornamentals with vegetables and am hoping to improve this aspect of what we do. I also see the garden as a place to connect more deeply to God and to my faith so I want to develop a place of retreat in the garden

  8. Anonymous says:

    This year I hope to spend less time WORKING in the gardens and more time ENJOYING them! Each year I vow that I won't put in another garden and each year, for one reason or another, I end up doing it anyway! So this year I'm hoping to just to be able to maintain what I have and enjoy the beauty of them all!

  9. Abby says:

    Cocktails at 5pm in the garden. Be there!

  10. Barbara H says:

    Garden resolutions:
    Last year I grew potatoes for the first time–some in a grow bag, some in the ground. The potatoes in the bag did a little better and were MUCH easier to find at harvest! This year: 2 or 3 potato bags.
    I will grow more herbs. I will remember to treat the eggplants to some fish emulsion. Like David, I will just enjoy the garden more. And I'm thinking of adding a gnome.

  11. DoublrRL71 says:

    Everyone has posted some wonderful garden goals for the coming year. I love my gardening and can't wait until retirement so I can spend all my time “playing” in them. It's getting closer and closer . . .until then, I am working at bringing a little more design to the gardens, rather than just a plot with plants in it. I am finding that as I design more and learn more about the soil, the plants, the pests, and sustainable gardens, the more everything is blending in and becoming a destination for relaxment and fortification. Weeding has become theraputic. I only pray for a good growing season so I can continue “playing” in the gardens.

  12. DeeWNY says:

    My resolution is to NOT lose motivation by August. I live in Buffalo, NY, so by March I am dying to get in the garden, and April and May are busy months – so happy to see my hundreds of spring bulbs and have my hands in the dirt. June and July are just about enjoyment, but by August the black spot and mildew need more attention. So this year I am resolved to keep up with maintenance so my roses and phlox are not so scraggly by late summer.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Our two square foot gardens didn't do too well for vegetables so I'm going to get rid of the straggly azaeleas and overgrown nandina that grow across the back of the house and try a couple of pots and grow bags there. It gets a lot more sun. If it works out better I'll get my DH to build some more square foot gardens. I will also use some of the composted chicken manure that is piling up in the back of the yard. I concentrated on vegetables last year and didn't do much with flowers so I'll correct that. I'm on kind of a tight budget so I'll try and grow most of my plants from seed. Spring! Bring it on!

  14. don't says:

    …provided I don't fall over a curb this year and crack another wrist, I will finish the English Knot Garden I began. Just two more sides and I'm done…to Mrs.HansenHomeschools – please try a Black Knight scabiosa…amazing and delightful to look at and butterflies love them…my grandmother used to grow them and they are just as wonderful as I remember! Thinking about a raised bed for veggies…never done it, a bit gunshy, but will try…any advice????? πŸ™‚

  15. meemsnyc says:

    I want to do more composting. That's one of my goals!

  16. To … you don't gno me …
    For ideas on raised bed gardening, check out our Kitchen Garden Planner: You'll see the link at the top left of the page. It's ALL about raised bed gardening. -David Grist, Gardener's Supply

  17. Karen S./Oronoco, Mn says:

    I want to put in more rock paths. I have some flat rocks placed as paths but the grass has grown around them so firmly that they are hardly visible. So this year I want to do a different style rock pathway. Probably have to do some digging and sand, etc. Can't wait for spring!

  18. The Hobbit says:

    Yes,more time in the garden! Breakfast coffee sounds like the right step.Looking into a three tier salad planter,and more tomatoes.My 5 plants yielded enough tomatoes for the table and 22 quarts of stewed tomatoes for cooking. Want MORE!!!!

  19. I am going to try sticking to my yearly resolution of never buying only 1 of anything. I already know I'll pull it out later as a weed. If I don't like it well enough to buy at least 3, I must not really like it!

  20. Cheryl says:

    Well, like everyone else I'm very excited to get started this year. We moved here into this home just a few months ago. I have much more room to plant veggies and flowers. I find myself waking up during the night and thinking just where I'm put my roses, my hydrangea s, my snapdragons and on and on. I'm am so in awe of watching a seed turn into seedling into a plant and then to a beautiful flower. I garden because I absolutely love God's creative works!

  21. Anonymous says:

    My goals for this year are not to lose steam by mid summer and to keep going no matter what happens. Also I plan on doing better with the composting, hopefully, it'll help. Also I'd love to dig up a few old gardens and get those redone by late spring.

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