Four Makeovers for Your Porch

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Before: A great porch makes a canvas for furniture, comfortable cushions and accessories.

Looking to breathe new life into your porch or patio? We’ve created four makeovers that show you how to expand your outdoor living space, create a welcoming setting for summer entertaining and add curb appeal — without spending a fortune!


Colorful cushions and accents
transform ho-hum into Wow! See all four makeovers.

Start your makeover by mixing and matching colorful cushions to spruce up existing patio furniture. The fabrics you choose will begin to set the overall ambiance — for example, bold colors and patterns for drama, or soft pastels for a more romantic feel. Build on the look by adding functional accessories, such as extra seating and side tables. Then add the finishing touches with attic treasures and vintage-shop finds.

The photos in this post are from a makeover we call “dramatic interlude,” in which a front porch is transformed from stark to stunning with cushions in striking fabrics, creating an impressive entryway and a stylish place to entertain guests.

See all four makeovers.

After: This front porch went from plain Jane to packing a powerful punch with cushions in striking patterns that boldly state your personal style. Add stately topiaries in containers and you’ll have a comfortable place to entertain guests and an impressive entryway to your home.




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2 Responses to Four Makeovers for Your Porch

  1. Color definitely makes a bold statement. With such a wide variety of patterns and colors available, changing the look of your outdoor living space can be as easy as purchasing some new cushions and pillows for your existing furniture.

  2. CTJPMarie says:

    OMG…that's beautiful!!! Now all I need is for someone to come in and redo my yard…so I can showcase my patio! 🙂

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