Marigolds Keep Aphids Away

For more information, read the article Controlling Aphids.

Recently, I was growing some basil in our testing lab. When I came in after the weekend, I noticed that the plants in several of our containers were infested with aphids, but the basil that I had planted in a windowbox with marigolds were aphid-free.

I had always heard that marigolds repel aphids, but now I know it first-hand to be true.



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2 Responses to Marigolds Keep Aphids Away

  1. garden shed says:

    Smartly written post and lovely marigolds. Perfect!

  2. says:

    I put marigolds all around my vegetable garden b/c they really do help to repel aphids along with other bugs. There is a cream variety that is really pretty and grows crazy!

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