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Small Inspirations

Planting a miniature garden in a stone trough, bowl or found container lets you enjoy a small-space landscape on even the tiniest balcony or patio. To fill your container, select dwarf plants with small leaves, compact habit and slow growth. … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Grow Bag?

Liz grew heirloom Pink Brandywine tomatoes in her Tomato Grow Bags. Talk about tough—the plants survived Hurricane Irene. Harvested and cleaned, crosnes (Stachys affinis) are ready to eat raw or lightly stir-fried. Because she has a shady back yard and … Continue reading

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Introducing Snip-n-Drip

Water is the key to a healthy, productive garden. With our new Snip-n-Drip Soaker System, you can get water directly to the plants, without wasting a single drop. Watch the video to see how it works. <!– —NAME Gardener’s Supply … Continue reading

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The Springtime Moment

It’s the time of year when Gardener’s Supply employees come to work wearing a glow from a sunny weekend outdoors. On our Who We Are page, several employees share their stories, and today I think of one from Joe McHugh, … Continue reading

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