The Springtime Moment

It’s the time of year when Gardener’s Supply employees come to work wearing a glow from a sunny weekend outdoors.

On our Who We Are page, several employees share their stories, and today I think of one from Joe McHugh, who works in the marketing department:

“On the first weekend in the spring when it’s finally warm enough to work in the garden, my wife and I rake all the debris from the winter and the old leaves, clear the paths, and set out the Adirondack chairs. In the afternoon, we sit down and have a glass of bubbly in the garden with our jackets on and only the daffodils blooming.”

Have you had your springtime moment yet?

Learn more about the employee-owners of Gardener’s Supply in Who We Are.



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3 Responses to The Springtime Moment

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice post, wich that i could establish something like that in my garden (siltnamiai)

  2. sheds garden says:

    Lovely daff. These yellow blooms reminds me of spring.

  3. Really excited for spring and your blog made me even more excited! Just bought a fountain for my garden on this site. Spring here i come!

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