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It’s Not Too Early for Late Blight

Late blight on tomato foliage. Photo courtesy Meg McGrath, Cornell University Late blight, a disease that strikes tomatoes and potatoes, can quickly ruin an entire crop — and provide a source of infection for other plants. So far this growing … Continue reading

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Got Lily Beetles? Share the Larvae

Lily leaf beetle larvae, left, and the beetle form. Gardeners in the Northeast are getting to know the lily leaf beetle, a destructive pest that attacks Asiatic and Oriental lilies — as well as similar species. One of the best … Continue reading

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To Drink or Not to Drink?

Our Super Slim Hose, above, and Super Slim Coil Hose, below, are made from drinking water-safe polyurethane. A spate of recent news stories have cited a May 2012 study by the Ecology Center that recommends that homeowners seek drinking water-safe … Continue reading

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In Praise of Raised Beds

Before: A 4×8 raised bed after a long winter and spring, filled with weeds from wind-blown seeds. How long does it take to weed your garden? In just 12 minutes, I was able to take a weedy 4×8 raised bed … Continue reading

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Hey Gardeners, Be Sure to Thank the Pollinators

This honeybee is dusted with yellow pollen, which it will inadvertently transfer to other flowers as it gathers nectar and pollen to bring back to the nest. Photo: Suzanne DeJohn It’s National Pollinator Week, a time to celebrate the hardworking … Continue reading

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Raised Bed Gets Cold Frame

The Elevated Cedar Raised Bed, augmented with a cold-frame top. Another great idea from one of our customers: Rose Deskavich, who gardens in western Massachusetts, modified her Elevated Raised Bed, adding a custom cold frame so she could grow greens, … Continue reading

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A Banana Grows in Burlington

The staked stem of our Himalayan banana tree, growing in Burlington, VT. For many years, we have grown banana trees in our garden. Not for the fruit, but for the large, tropical leaves and the unlikely accent they add to … Continue reading

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Watch Out for Ticks

Dog tick. Photo: Courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control’s Public Health Image Library Bug Ankle Guards have fine, hexagonal mesh that excludes ticks and all but the tiniest insects. In addition to their disease-transmitting capacity, ticks are just plain … Continue reading

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Inspired Entryway

Split-Bamboo Fencing It’s rewarding to see how customers use our products in creative ways. This spring, Adrianne Caldwell of Oviedo, FL, posted this photo of her new front entryway, which she designed with the Split Bamboo Fencing. She says, “My … Continue reading

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