In Praise of Raised Beds

Before: A 4×8 raised bed after a long winter and spring, filled with weeds from wind-blown seeds.

How long does it take to weed your garden? In just 12 minutes, I was able to take a weedy 4×8 raised bed and make it ready for planting.

The before-and-after photos show one of the big benefits of raised bed gardening: Pulling weeds is fast and easy. Because the soil was loose, the weeds came right out, with very little elbow grease. It’s so satisfying — I can’t wait to fill it with plants.

For more information on raised bed gardening, check out our Kitchen Garden Planner, a free online tool for vegetable gardeners.

After: 12 minutes later, I have a blank canvas for a crop of greens and vegetables.
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2 Responses to In Praise of Raised Beds

  1. Yes weeding the raised beds is so much more efficient! I love that you have blue!

  2. Aleksey Grog says:

    Dear poster,

    I have a small question for you!
    Do you know if growing crops in a solarium affects in any ways the well-growing of my plants? Considering that the solarium is made out off a glass substitue, do you think the sun rays may be affected, hence rotting my crops?

    Thank you :3

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