A Company of Gardeners

Bob Dillenbeck in the test gardens behind our Burlington office.

Every year, Bob grows a different variety of tomato. This year’s pick is Celebrity.

Like many of the employee-owners at Gardener’s Supply, Bob Dillenbeck wasn’t a gardener when he started working here back in 2004 — but he is now. Today he’s part of what we like to call “a company of gardeners.” Not every employee tends a garden, but most do. And we know our products because we use them.

A few years ago, Bob, who is the facilities manager in our Burlington administrative office, decided to try one of our Tomato Success Kits. He had a great harvest that first year, and has used the kit every year since, with an average annual harvest of 100 ripe tomatoes. “If there are more than I can use, I give them to friends and neighbors.”

When we modified our soil blend this year to include coir, Bob was a little skeptical. But, at four weeks, his plants were growing as well as they always had, with the promise of another good harvest.

Because we tested the soil blend with gardeners across the country, we’re confident that Bob — and everyone else — will see improved results with the new coir-based blend.



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