Cucumbers in a Tomato Planter? Yes!

Phil Wood is growing cucumbers in a Tomato Success Kit.

Here at Gardener’s Supply, we’re always trying new things with our products, so it’s interesting to learn what our customers are doing. For instance, longtime gardener Phil Wood is growing cucumbers in our Tomato Success Kit.

“I’ve grown cukes in the past, but I could never seem to water them enough. They would dry up and die,” says Phil, who gardens in Massachusetts.

He started with a planting mix that’s about 50 percent Self-Watering Container Mix and 50 percent coir. He also mixed in a bit of slow-release, granular fertilizer.

He planted three cucumbers (an English type) and three basil plants. “Obviously, six plants is too many,” Phil says. When the vines started to grow toward the sun, he added a tomato cage for extra support.

So far, it seems like Phil’s experiment is a success. The vines haven’t dried out at all. “During the heat wave, the planter took about 2 gallons of water a day — so did the container next to it, which is planted with tomatoes.”

I can’t wait to see what Phil decides to try next year.



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2 Responses to Cucumbers in a Tomato Planter? Yes!

  1. Rebecca says:

    I can certainly understand the problem of not being able to give cukes enough water! I ran into that same problem during the heat wave we just had in my region. I was very fortunate that I managed to keep mine alive. I'll have to try container gardening next year. It sure does seem to work well.

  2. Andrew says:

    That's a good way for people with a small yard to increase their productivity. Also may be good for schools to introduce children to gardening. Nice job Phil! Now you have more time to paint your red house. 😉

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