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Take a Closer Look at Crows

A crow on a barren branch in Death Valley, California. All spring and summer, our fields and gardens are crowded with busy songbirds flitting in and out of feeders, carrying bits of twig and string to their nests and filling … Continue reading

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Organic: It’s Not Just About the Nutrition

Shoppers at farmer’s markets often have a choice between organic and conventional, but it’s all local. You’ve heard about the studies that show organic food might not be that much more nutritious than conventional foods. But, I wonder if that’s … Continue reading

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Gardening is a Process

The Grow Bed we all wish for: A bountiful harvest free of pests and disease. This spring, I was pleased to get an e-mail from my newly retired Aunt Ila, who wanted to start a vegetable garden in Michigan. I … Continue reading

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My Favorite Gardening Tool

The Hori Hori Knife When pulling weeds, grab your hori as shown and plunge in behind the weed to loosen it and pull it out. Resist the inclination to hold it like a serving spoon (or trowel) because it’s hard … Continue reading

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We’re on the Move

Rob Badger loads another truck headed to our new warehouse in Milton, VT. Bob Huntoon takes down old signs from the break room. Spike, ready for the move. You might not know it, but we just moved our distribution center … Continue reading

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Rice: A New Crop for New England?

Here in Burlington, Deborah’s test features rice grown using water from three sources: Municipal water, Winooski River water, and water from a nearby pond. After the rice is harvested and tested in late September, we will know if the rice … Continue reading

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