We’re on the Move

Rob Badger loads another truck headed to our new warehouse in Milton, VT.

Bob Huntoon takes down old signs from the break room.

Spike, ready for the move.

You might not know it, but we just moved our distribution center from Essex, VT, to a brand new building just up the road in Milton. In fact, we hope you didn’t notice the change. All told, we packed up 126,000 square feet of boxes, warehouse racking, conveyors and equipment — and one cat.

“I’m so proud of our team at the distribution center,” says Cindy Turcot, chief operating officer at Gardener’s Supply. “Moving into a new warehouse and getting it up to speed on time deserves huge kudos.”

The effort required the help of everyone in the distribution center — known as “the DC”. To put it in perspective, it’s like moving the contents of 63 homes of 2,000 square feet. More than 300 truckloads and 7,000 pallets have been moved to Milton.

Now that the move is almost complete, we are happy to report that most systems are online. Sure, there are some details to work out, but packages are shipping as quickly as ever, thanks to a great effort from our team at the DC. These days, our staff is wondering, “How will Spike handle the move?”

Spike is our warehouse cat. He joined the staff in 2000, when our distibution center was in Winooski, VT. In 2005, we moved to Essex, and last week, he also started at the new facility in Milton.

“He arrived at the new building looking his usual confident self,” says Kit Howe, who handles human resources — and cat resources — at the DC. “After an hour or so of prowling and meowing around the new break room, he settled under a desk and wouldn’t come out. At break, he greeted the staff and accepted pats and treats. He barely noticed his upgraded litter box, but we are confident he will discover it in time.” For now, Kit says the 12-year-old cat will remain indoors so he can adjust to his new home. After that, he’ll be allowed outside.



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