11 Other Ways to Use the Boot Tray

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When it comes to humble, hardworking products, our Boot Tray makes the top of the list. It’s simple, sturdy and contains the mess. Nothing fancy. In recent years, our customers have shown us that the Boot Tray is not just for boots. Here are some of our favorite uses, as described in customer reviews:

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However you decide to use our trays, they are available in three sizes:

1. This was the perfect solution to our cat dilemma. One of our cats loves to splash in the water dish and scrape his food out of the bowl to eat. We had tried multiple things with no luck. I ran across this Boot Tray in the catalog and the light bulb went off. This works like a charm! The food and water stays in the tray, not on my floor.

2. When I bring in my firewood I have a place to set it without making a mess on my floor. So thank you Gardener’s, for making the perfect place to put our firewood.

3. This is a great tray to protect your floor when setting up worm composting bins. I have two stacking worm bins and I set them both inside the tray.

Plants in Boot TrayPlants in Jumbo Boot Tray

4. I bought this Boot Tray to contain the plants and spilled water from my wife’s starter plants.

5. I actually bought this as a tray to place on the floor in my living room to hold two of the Terrazza Square Planters. We have a couple of tropical hibiscus that are beautiful but don’t hold up in the winter in our climate. After trying different methods for the last few winters, I finally opted for this tray and it is perfect for keeping the planters indoors. If the plants get overwatered and it runs out the bottom, it doesn’t damage my carpet.

6. I’ve used it in an old-school photo darkroom to contain spills when processing film on a table, where no large sink was available. It’s fine as a parking place for outdoor boots and shoes, but that’s the thing I use it least often for!

7. Great match with a pair of the small rubber grids to create a humidity tray for growing orchids. Just the right depth when using the grids (one set of 2) stacked on top of each other.

8. I had a rack-style clothes dryer in the laundry room, but I needed something under it to catch the water. This was just the right size and it works perfectly.

9. I purchased this tray to be a “collection” tray for my chickens, to sit under their roosting bar. I am very pleased with the quality and durability of this tray. I need something that is easy to clean, and this tray doesn’t have a pattern in the bottom of it that you have to clean around. LOVE IT!

10. Shortly after my daughter was born and I attempted to change her diaper on a traditional changing mat in the passenger seat of the car. While the the soiled diaper was off and I was fumbling for something in the diaper bag, she urinated again. That’s when I discovered that changing mats are merely cushions. Luckily we were about to sell that car anyway 😉 For the new car, I bought the Small Boot Tray.

11. The boot tray is just right size to put our humidifier on so we don’t need to worry about water spills — keeps our carpeting dry.

And, of course, it’s great for boots: “My husband’s size 13 boots didn’t fit on a regular boot tray, this Jumbo Boot Tray is perfect ….”

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2 Responses to 11 Other Ways to Use the Boot Tray

  1. akvamari28 says:

    Could you please put here programm for translation?:))Thank you!

  2. Pavel Sluka says:

    This would actually work fantastically in an ebb & flow (also known as flood & drain) hydroponic system. Thanks for the tip!

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