Microgreens: A Taste of Spring

From Seed to Harvest in 23 Days

I’m still waiting for spring. Waiting — impatiently — to get out there and garden. But no matter the weather, you can grow and harvest a crop of microgreens just a few weeks. Kind of takes the edge off.

Spring is coming. It’s so close, I can taste it.

For more information, read the article, How to Grow Microgreens. It includes a slideshow that explains each step.




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2 Responses to Microgreens: A Taste of Spring

  1. Pavel Sluka says:

    Nice work David! Love the video.

    What were the microgreens you were growing?


  2. We grew Redbor Kale, amaranth, and a type of purslane. We got our seeds from Johnny's and High Mowing. -David Grist, Gardener's Supply

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