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Old Seeds? Test for Germination First

These cosmos seeds were packed for 2011, so I want to test them. I’ll fold up the moist paper towel and slip this into the plastic bag. The whole thing goes on top of my refrigerator to encourage germination. The … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Gardening — in the Woods

Last week, I found myself looking out the window and watching it snow in mid-April. I began to think about these bumper stickers we have that say “Practice Random Acts of Gardening.” I was trying to think, what would be … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Gardeners Plant the Seeds of Change

LA Guerrilla Gardeners removed trash, weeds and dead plants from this median strip and installed new plants. Their signature “Please Water Me!” sign asks passersby to help with upkeep. After LA Guerrilla Gardeners planted the “Spaceland” garden, below, the city … Continue reading

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Snow Days are Good Days for the Garden Designer

Ellen Ecker Ogden’s design in progress, top, for the 2×8 Elevated Cedar Raised Bed, below, which features flowers. Ogden’s design, A Paint Box Garden of Edible Plants, features vegetables. If you’re a garden designer in Vermont, what do you do … Continue reading

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Lawn Makes Way for Kitchen Garden

Donna Avery created a kitchen garden, using our Colorful Grow Beds, shown right after planting in January. On March 7, Donna Avery shared the photo, above, on our Facebook page. Within hours, people were asking questions and raving about Donna’s … Continue reading

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What Sets the Orchid Apart from Other Flowers?

Cymbidium Half Moon ‘Wonderland’ “What makes this plant an orchid and not a turnip?” asks Steve Robinson, enticing visitors like me to stop and chat with him at an exhibit of Latin American orchids. Robinson, a docent at the Smithsonian … Continue reading

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Microgreens: A Taste of Spring

From Seed to Harvest in 23 Days I’m still waiting for spring. Waiting — impatiently — to get out there and garden. But no matter the weather, you can grow and harvest a crop of microgreens just a few weeks. … Continue reading

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Custom Garden Clothes: It’s About Bloomin’ Time!

Zephyr Summer Shirt: Our new gardening clothing feels breezy and cool. Special fabric fends off the sun. Buff Bandana: This versatile piece of garden wear is made of stretchy, stylish fabric that can be fashioned into a headband, bandana, scarf, … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Rhubarb Recipes

Jonathan Stevens, rhubarb lover and author of the blog Real Men Sow. Want to grow your own? Read the article How to Grow Rhubarb. Want to buy some? We sell a variety called Chipman’s Canada Red, hardy in USDA zones … Continue reading

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Welcome Bluebirds Into Your Landscape

I know it sounds silly, but somehow I feel like I’m a better person for having bluebirds nesting in my yard. If these brilliant icons of spring opt to spend time in my landscape, then I must be doing something … Continue reading

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