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Autumn’s Secret Garden

Savvy gardeners enjoy some of the sweetest harvests of the year when the rest of us are already raiding our freezers or resorting to supermarket vegetables. Plant peas in late July to early August for a delectable fall harvest. Plant … Continue reading

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Volunteer Appreciation

When unexpected seedlings appear in the garden, it’s a sign that nature is trying to work in concert with the gardener. Volunteer seedlings add unexpected delight. Here a clump of foxgloves thrives while a morning glory vine begins its ascent. … Continue reading

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Where the Sidewalk Ends

I love looking at people’s front gardens. Unlike the back garden, the front yard is the “public” garden, and it says a lot about the gardener. Tres, one of my coworkers, has created a remarkable city garden. Tres and the … Continue reading

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Weeding With a Broom

Cutting garden gets a low-maintenance makeover. Early June in my “sweepable” cutting garden.   When possible, overlap the fabric to avoid any unnecessary cuts. Tuck the edges under, giving yourself a 5″ or 6″ hem, and anchor securely on ends … Continue reading

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Clematis Claim a Forgotten Corner

I was amazed to see these clematis bloom so well the first year after planting. That’s General Sikorski on the right and Venosa Violacea in the middle.   Betty Corning blooms early and has delicate, pendulous, recurved flowers. Look closely … Continue reading

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Chuck Attack!

The woodchucks are back — cuter than ever. My nemesis The woodchucks in our neighborhood have broken the perimeter in our backyard. Since late spring, they have found ways to penetrate the forcefield that protects our phlox, asters, echinacea and … Continue reading

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Bog in a Bowl

Make room for a planter of unusual, moisture-loving plants. After placing a fiberglass screen over the bottom of the bowl, I filled it with dampened peat.   Long-fiber sphagnum peat moss covers the surface to prevent soil splashing and give … Continue reading

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