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The Heart Wants

Why is it that we gardeners can’t be happy with the plants that thrive in our own zone? Don’t we have enough challenges, what with diseases, pests and foul weather? In my zone 4 garden, I have a stewartia, a … Continue reading

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Go Long!

When it comes to windowboxes, the more-is-better philosophy rings true. More is indeed better! One of Nate’s extra-long windowboxes, which are 9’8″ long, divided by three inserts of galvanized sheet metal. Nate and Stacy chose a harmonious blend of colors. … Continue reading

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Volunteer Appreciation

When unexpected seedlings appear in the garden, it’s a sign that nature is trying to work in concert with the gardener. Volunteer seedlings add unexpected delight. Here a clump of foxgloves thrives while a morning glory vine begins its ascent. … Continue reading

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New Delphiniums, Year 2

What’s it like to have more than 50 delphiniums in bloom in your garden? Sweet. Follow the story of a new kind of delphinium, from seed to bloom in 15 months. Slide Show: New Millennium delphiniums, from seed to bloom. … Continue reading

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Park-and-Ride Pepper

Think you don’t have space for a vegetable garden? Think again. Karen shows that you can grow what you eat, even if there’s no space for a garden at home. If you drive around the employee parking lot at our … Continue reading

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Clematis Claim a Forgotten Corner

I was amazed to see these clematis bloom so well the first year after planting. That’s General Sikorski on the right and Venosa Violacea in the middle.   Betty Corning blooms early and has delicate, pendulous, recurved flowers. Look closely … Continue reading

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Bog in a Bowl

Make room for a planter of unusual, moisture-loving plants. After placing a fiberglass screen over the bottom of the bowl, I filled it with dampened peat.   Long-fiber sphagnum peat moss covers the surface to prevent soil splashing and give … Continue reading

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Perennials for Late-Season Color

Does your perennial garden peak early and disappoint from midsummer on? Asters are stars of the late-summer show. Shown here are two types of asters paired with a fall-blooming allium (Allium thunbergii ‘Ozawa’) In the garden center, this plain-looking aster … Continue reading

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Double Trouble

A proven method for preventing peony flop. Sarah Bernhardt is a lovely pink double, but the stems are fairly long and slender. I usually float one or two in our lotus bowl during peony season. The trouble with double peonies … Continue reading

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How I Like My Kale

Who says vegetables can’t be ornamental? They can be stars of the border. A kale and cardoon “hedge.” really stands out. Redbor kale has gorgeous, frilled leaves. The buds of the cardoon are as striking as the foliage. The flowers … Continue reading

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