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Garden Grids for Tall Trellises

Clematis vines like to climb, so aim high. A well-grown clematis is a sight to behold. This variety blooms as the same time as the baptisia in the foreground. Our back garden is surrounded by a 6-foot fence. For years, … Continue reading

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Supports for Veggies and More!

Can you train a cucumber to climb like a pea? Cucumber plants with pea fence in place. Inside the enclosure. Ready for chilly spring nights. I’ve been using galvanized wire tomato cages for about 15 years now, and most of … Continue reading

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Woodchuck Foiled

Gardener saves salad from neighborhood bullies. The Pop-Up Net can be used over a 3×3-foot bed (as shown) or anchored right to the ground. It’s the time of year when I walk the perimeter of our backyard and make repairs … Continue reading

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Control pests with environmentally-friendly substances derived from natural sources. Delphinium seedlings are prone to damping-off disease. The sowing instructions for the delphinium seed I ordered from New Zealand recommend adding a fungus to the germinating mix. Say again? Researchers discovered … Continue reading

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Optimism on the Loose

Convention is a source of inspiration to green industry professionals. The jam-packed exhibition hall at the New England Grows event in Boston. February is a slow month for garden and landscape businesses in New England. That makes it a perfect … Continue reading

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Growing Potatoes by the Bag

Even first-time gardeners can succeed with a Potato Bag. Our Potato Bins shown late in the summer, growing in our Burlington, VT, display garden. Last year, we used the bag to grow some purple potatoes. A good blend of varieties … Continue reading

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Terrariums with History

Miniature greenhouses make indoor gardening stylish and easy. A slim, unobtrusive T-5 fluorescent light fixture in the peak of the roof provides enough light for nearly any plant in the Wardian Case ($249). Wardian cases revolutionized tropical plant collection and … Continue reading

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